The MIller Edge Who We Are, What We Do, & Why We Do It

The Miller Edge

"The Miller Edge", is our way of describing who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We believe the Who, What, and Why are the reasons our product is the best on the market. Like any successful business, we believe it all has to do with the people, process, and products that make up Miller Premium Pork.

The People

Our small family farm is owned and operated by only me and my wife, Emily. We live and raise our pigs on the same farm my Grandparents purchased in the 1950s, and the same farm my Dad grew up on and continues to raise both corn and soybeans. Therefore, we care considerably for our animals and their habitat.

We also believe that the consumer wants to know who is raising their food, where it comes from, and how it is raised. We couldn’t agree more! Since I am the one raising your pork I want you to get to know me and our process. We will use social media to keep you up to date on exactly what we do and why we do it. Trust, honesty, integrity, and transparency are the foundation of our family and our farm. If you haven’t already, please check us out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @millerpork. We also have a Youtube channel for when you’re bored at work.

The Process

Our process is all about achieving our mission of taste and quality. The animals and how we treat them are the backbone of what we do. We select superior breeds and genetics that exemplify high natural health and superior meat quality. Our pigs are always humanely raised with plenty of outdoor access, lots of deep bedding, no small crates, and provided with a low stress environment. Lastly, we choose to use natural remedies for sickness rather than antibiotics. Our process leads to a better tasting, higher quality product that is safe for you, the consumer.

The Product

The result of our process ends in a premium product our consumer will love and is safe to eat. Our pork looks and tastes how pork should look and taste. Our pork has a deep ruby color, excellent marbling, high moisture content, and an unmistakable tenderness. The combination of these attributes can only be achieved with superior breeds and genetics and limited stress from humane treatment. What ends up on your plate is a juicy and flavorful product that gives you, the consumer, that old-fashioned eating experience. 

I’m excited to be your farmer!