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Taste & Quality

Taste & Quality

“Pork. The Other White Meat.” You’ve all probably heard that slogan. It has been a marketing staple in the pork industry for 30 years.  Unfortunately, you can’t eat a marketing slogan and when you eat what the slogan is advertising, you’re oftentimes disappointed. 

If you’ve come here looking for a white meat alternative to our chicken and turkey cousins, you’ve come to the wrong place. Pork isn’t meant to be white, dry, and tough. You shouldn’t need someone to show you how to prepare it properly or need an executive chef from a fancy restaurant to make it palatable.  You should be able to grab a pork chop, throw it on the grill, and eat a juicy, flavorful, tender piece of meat with your favorite beverage.

Measuring meat quality is not a subjective exercise. Superior meat quality can be measured and is a direct result of genetics, nutrition, and animal care. What we like to say around here is taste and quality are the only two things that matter. That core belief is true for all aspects of our farm. Let’s start with how we measure meat quality. Meat quality takes into account several different factors.


Measures color from pale to dark, texture from soft to firm, and exudation form low water holding capacity to high water holding capacity. We are looking for a Red, Firm and Non Exudative (RFN) product.


Marbling measures the fat within the muscle. Fat within the muscle you say? Yup. More marbling equates to a juicy, flavorful and tender piece of pork.

Ultimate pH

pH directly correlates with Color, texture and exudation. The pH is taken 24 hours after harvest. The higher the pH means the meat will be darker, firmer, juicier, and more tender.

Remember when I said superior meat quality is a result of genetics, nutrition and animal care? Achieving positive scores in all measurements of meat quality and providing the consumer with a product that is second to none is not luck, it is the result of the people raising your pork and the process they use.

We have selected the best genetics and breeds possible. We have selected a genetics supplier that has been breeding pigs for the past 50 years to be the most naturally healthy and highest meat quality pigs available. We have also selected breeds such as Duroc and Berkshire that are consistently scored as the best tasting pork.

Next, our market pigs will be on a 14 step non GMO diet giving them exactly what they need, when they need it. Lastly and most importantly, our pigs are always humanely raised with unlimited outdoor access, lots of deep bedding, no small crates, and provided with a low stress environment .

People. Process. Product. It’s that simple.